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Low-Emission Fuel Powered by Lubrizol’s PuriNOx™ Technology

Engines that run on diesel fuel today can immediately switch to a low-emission fuel powered by Lubrizol’s PuriNOx™ Technology. PuriNOx Technology is a low-emission diesel fuel system that enables major fuel marketer and independent distributor blender partners to manufacture a finished fuel for centrally-fueled diesel-powered fleets. You simply purchase the fuel and fill your tanks just as you do now with normal diesel fuel. For the fleet owner, this means no engine retrofits, no up-front capital and no fuel blending.

Using PuriNOx-powered fuel allows fleets to instantly achieve substantial reductions in emissions of particulate matter (PM) typically by 50%, and nitrogen oxides (NOx) typically by 20% - simultaneously. There will be an even greater reduction in smoke opacity. These results have been verified through vehicle and engine dynamometer testing using recognized Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) procedures, as well as actual in service emissions testing.

You can purchase the finished fuel in bulk from RVJ , who blends the emulsion and in turn delivers the product by road tanker to your storage tanks in exactly the same way in which you buy and receive your diesel supply today.

Centrally-Fueled Applications:

• Urban Transit Buses
• School Busses
• Waste Management Fleets
• Construction Fleets
• Mining Equipment
• Pick-Up/Delivery Vehicles

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