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NEW Level 3+ Technology...
Donaldson LNF Muffler Kits Deliver the Highest Tailpipe PM Reduction Using Passive DPF Technology Passive Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) technology provides the highest tailpipe PM reduction available today (>90%), making it a popular choice for retrofit programs. However, passive DPFs are sensitive to exhaust temperature and minimums must be met to ensure consistent and reliable DPF regeneration. LNF Mufflers are designed and verified for select non-EGR on-road 1993 - 2003 MY engines.
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Donaldson Diesel Emission Control Technologie

Donaldson your one-stop Emissions Solutions Provider

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If you’re looking for solutions to meet diesel emissions regulations Donaldson has solutions not available from competitive sources.We have technical experiences and solutions for:

• OEM and Retrofit Applications
• Tailpipe and Crankcase Emissions
• Passive and Active Emissions Technologies
• PM and NOx Emissions
• Controls and Diagnostics

Are you considering all your emissions sources?

While the tailpipe is the most obvious source of emissions today, independent testing has shown that 10-25% of emissions on in-use diesel engines comes from the crankcase!

Look to Donaldson when you’re interested in one supplier that can deliver a “total engine” emissions reduction solution.

Proven Experience

Donaldson utilizes advanced technologies in the areas of model-based transient control systems, on-board dosing systems, diagnostics, thermal management, acoustics, flow distribution, durability and system integration. Donaldson has both high efficiency and cost-effective solutions and products for a wide range of applications.

Personnel, labs and equipment are all in place to support your development, validation, emissions measurement and field testing requirements.

Donaldson has extensive exhaust manufacturing capabilities around the world and we will continue to add capacity to meet our customer needs.

Emissions Resource Center…Learn More Online

The emissions-control effort today has gained great momentum, thanks largely to the introduction of effective emissions control technology and more stringent regulations and standards imposed by Clean Air legislation.

The Donaldson website contains a collection of resources to help you learn more about emissions control, including the health impacts of diesel-engine emissions, technologies used to reduce engine emissions and the benefits of retrofitting a diesel-engine exhaust system.

Explore the link below to learn about the issues and technologies now available to help dramatically cut emissions, improve air quality and conform with current or pending emission standards.

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