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Trap Cleaning & Maintenance Services
Regular scheduled trap cleaning is required to maintain your warranty, ARB compliance status, and the performance of your retrofit or OEM Filter.

At Advanced Emission Control Solutions (AECS), we take great pride in providing our customers with on-going support from day one, and always responding in a timely manner to any and all calls for assistance. Our commitment to you is to provide a trap cleaning and maintenance program that best fits your company’s needs.

AECS has been cleaning OEM and retrofit filters since 2007.

In 2014 AECS purchased the FSX DPF Cleaning System, which is the world’s most advanced cleaning system, and is specified by OEM’s.  Using patented state-of-the-art Air Knife Scanning Technology, the FSX system is able to blow air from opposite directions scanning the entire surface of the filter and cleaning every cell. By using Air Knife Technology, the FSX system can remove an average 95% of the ash in a very short period of time.

We pride ourselves at AECS in offering our customers a 24 hour turnaround on filter cleanings.  You can have the center core dropped off at our facility or we can provide a full service cleaning in which we remove, clean, and reinstall the center core on your vehicle. If you want us to remove the center core at your shop, and reinstall the center core after it is cleaned at your facility, we can also do that for a minimal charge.

When it comes to DPF cleaning having it done right the first time is the only way to go!


Trap Cleaning – Our Facility – Your Facility
Depending on what works best for your company, or agency, and can be facilitated without a lot of down time for your vehicle, we can service your vehicle at:

Advanced Emission Control Solutions
2695 S. Fourth Street
Fresno, CA 93725
(559) 472-7301
We can send our Mobile Dispatch Unit to your facility.


  • Backpressure Monitor/Red Light Service
    One of our highly trained Technicians can assess the nature of the warning light occurring at either Our Facility-Your Facility. The technician will perform the diagnosis and give you a cost to resolve the problem if warranted.

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