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Robert V. Jensen, Inc. provides retail fuel sales and delivery to your owner/operator station.  Our services include sales and delivery for the unbranded dealer as well as providing branding opportunities under the major brands of Chevron, Valero, 76 and AmStar.  

With the countless decisions you must make operating your business, at the end of the day it comes down to making choices that will ultimately nurture and grow you a more loyal customer base.

How do you make your customers feel secure about coming back? What can you do to make their purchasing decision easier?

It’s simple: provide them with a brand they can rely upon; a brand they can trust. One that will be a brand that offers a true, tangible advantage.

We invite you to become more knowledgeable with our brands and understand why customers have confidence in the brands we represent.

See how Robert V. Jensen, Inc. can work for you, how a brand will give your customers peace of mind, and how it can provide you with an instant competitive advantage.

We are a local company that understands the operations of a small business.  We understand how important it is to grow strong relationships with our dealers.  It is vital that we be available as a resource and support to your business.

If you would like to have more information about our retail fuel sales and services please contact us at

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