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Robert V. Jensen, Inc. provides onsite bulk fuel services to a number of industries including agricultural, construction, industrial, commercial, manufacturing, municipalities, and fleet operators.

These services range from providing small onsite bob-tail quantities to large truck and trailer deliveries; Robert V. Jensen, Inc. provides complete fuel services to meet your company’s needs.

Services Include:

  • Fuel management and inventory control
  • Emergency fuel service
  • Equipment programs for storage and dispensing of products
  • On-line access to fuel pricing

Fuel types:

  • Clear Carb #2 Diesel
  • Red Dyed Diesel
  • 87, 89, and 91 Octane Gasoline
  • Bio-Diesel
  • Emulsified diesel fuel (Clean Fuels Technology)

If you would like to have more information about our fuel sales and services please contact us at

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