Here at Robert V. Jensen, Inc., we understand the importance of keeping stock of highly respected automotive lubricants. Customers depend upon their oil change facilities, car dealership service departments, service stations, and auto parts stores to regularly carry brands that they ask for by name: Quaker State® and Pennzoil®.

  • With more than 100 years in business, Quaker State Motor Oil provides protection from wear, extended engine life, marked performance improvement, protection from extreme temps, and reduced incidence of oil leaks. In fact, Quaker State products are more durable than competitors, because these oils resist breakdown.
  • Pennzoil’s top-selling motor oils have none of the impurities contained in crude oils, through a revolutionary gas-to-liquid (GTL) process that converts pure natural gas to a synthetic base oil that is crystal clear and 99.5% free from impurities. All Pennzoil products clean pistons, protect against engine wear, protect in extreme temps, protect horsepower, and lead to better fuel economy.

RV Jensen supplies these top-grade motor oils and more. We are industry experts that offer a complete distribution package. We evolve to the changing needs of your customers, offering the lubricants that complement today’s engine needs.

Along with the complete line of Quaker State and Pennzoil motor oil products, we go the extra mile by including the Ecobox™ System, at no cost to the installer. No air or electricity is required for this state-of-the-art product management system, where you’ll experience:

  • Faster bay times—No more handling individual quart bottles
  • Reduced restocking compared with handling bottles
  • Improved inventory control—View remaining oil levels easily
  • Decreased incidence of theft—This all-in-one system is a completely self-contained steel rack of pitchers instead of removable quart bottles
  • Less waste—Lower waste management costs and no plastic bottles littering landfills
  • Lower cost per quart AND No cost to the installer

Imagine improving service times for oil change and lube jobs! Your customers will thank you, and you’ll be able to schedule more services.

When you’re selling these top brands, you have the opportunity to encourage repeat business, because both Pennzoil and Quaker State offers limited lubrication warranty programs that require customers to change their vehicle’s oil and oil filter as often as recommended by their vehicle’s manufacturer. Customers can set up convenient email reminders to ensure they return to your shop for regularly scheduled maintenance.

Warranties are free with the purchase of Pennzoil or Quaker State motor oils or services to build their confidence in your shop while building their own peace of mind that they can steer clear of abnormal wear or a breakdown. Quaker State backs their lubrication limited warranty program for 10 years/300,00 miles, and Pennzoil stands by their products with a 15-year/500,000 mile lubrication limited warranty program.

Rest assured that our Pennzoil and Quaker State products are API-licensed certification and meet the ILSAC (International Lubricant Specification Advisory Committee) standard. They deliver enhanced fuel economy while providing engine and emission system protection.

Expect prompt deliveries and dedicated customer service from RV Jensen. For over 50 years, our family-run business continues to lead the way to provide fleet fueling and maintenance, retail fuel, diesel emissions service, and corporate deliveries of fuel, lubricants, antifreeze, and more throughout the California Central Valley and Central Coast counties. We are now driven to bring you the highest quality automotive lubricants.

Contact our lubricant specialists to take advantage of the RV Jensen commitment to service, competitive pricing, bulk quantity savings, and superior distribution quality. Your company’s reputation is at stake—When you partner with RV Jensen, we’ll ensure that you have on hand the best warrantied automotive lubricants for your valuable customers. Call us at 559-485-8210 to get started.