Bulk Antifreeze and Coolants

Bulk Antifreeze and Coolants to Keep Engines Running in Tip-Top Shape

Unscheduled downtime can cost your company over $100,000. Proper lubrication, including reliable antifreeze, leads to increased fuel savings, better engine efficiency, and a reduction in lube consumption. To prevent vehicle breakdowns, we offer bulk antifreeze in our line of dependable Shell lubricants.

Coolants are known for:

• Successfully circulating throughout the engine’s radiator to remove surplus heat

• Acting as a protective shield in the engine’s cooling system to guard against corrosion

• Impeding the effects of extreme temperatures to prevent boil-over and freezing damage

• Reducing maintenance costs and downtime by prolonging the life of hoses, seals, and additional cooling system parts


Did you know that you should not mix and match coolant formulas? Each formula is specific to the truck’s cooling system. Today’s more complex, powerful, hotter-running engines demand different formulas to avoid corrosive damage to aluminum and metallic components within oil coolers, radiators, and heater cores. Only the right formula of antifreeze avoids water pump failures, hard-water deposits and silicate gel green goo, pitting metal surfaces with abrasive silicates, and cutting the life short on your coolant.

Shell’s specially formulated antifreeze/coolants are the answer—They feature a nitrite-free formulation that protects the cylinder liner against pitting, and extends coolant life up to 12,000 hours of operation. That’s up to 600,000 miles!

Ensure your fleet can go the extra mile. Shell ROTELLA® antifreeze/coolants, designed for heavy-duty engines, offer a shield of protection for high-performance engines. All ROTELLA® products meet ASTM, D3306, and D6210 specifications. 

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Choose the perfect coolant to match your truck’s needs:

• Shell ROTELLA® ELC (Extended Life Coolant) Nitrite Free—Shell’s Organic Additive Technology Is free of debilitating nitrites, phosphates, silicates, amines and heavy metals that can react with aluminum components, produce ammonia, and lead to failure of your cooling system. Proven to extend performance for mixed fleets, natural-gas trucks, and commercial heavy-duty (HD) diesel trucks. Improves performance on Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Navistar, Paccar, Volvo/Mack, MTU, Vermeer, and Deutz engines.

• Shell ROTELLA® ELC (Extended Life Coolant)—Shell’s Organic Additive Technology, free of amines and phosphates, is well suited for on and off-road HD diesel, gas, and natural-gas engines. Improves performance on Caterpillar, Cummins, Navistar, and Volvo/Mack engines.

• Shell HD Phosphate Free AFC (Antifreeze Coolant)—Shell’s conventional HD coolant, the traditional choice, is pre-charged with supplemental additives (SCAs). This full-formulated antifreeze is low on silicates and phosphate-free to adapt to a wide range of commercial trucks and heavy-duty equipment. Meets ASTM D6310, D4985, D6210, and TMC 329A specifications.

Shell’s coolants are created to combat corrosion. Now you can add an extra boost to corrosion prevention with Shell ROTELLA® ELC (Extended Life Coolant) Correction Fluid. Get extra protection for metal surfaces that slave under hot engine operating conditions. And get extra protection from pitting (erosion corrosion) of aluminum surfaces and cylinder liners in your cooling system.

Shell ROTELLA® ELC Correction Fluid:

• To restore the corrosion inhibitor levels of Shell ROTELLA® ELC and Shell ROTELLA® ELC following extended service life

• To correct the corrosion inhibitor levels of Shell ROTELLA® ELC and Shell ROTELLA® ELC when an added foreign AFC, diluting agent, or water caused contamination

Shell ROTELLA® ELC Correction Fluid is the way to supercharge immunity to corrosion, whether your trucks are powered by diesel, gasoline, waste natural gas, LNG, CNG, or biofuels.
Contact our lubricant team to customize the packaging of ROTELLA® to your business, whether you’re seeking concentrate, 50/50 pre-dilute. We’ll deliver it to your California business or station in bulk, gallon drum, gallon jugs, liter tote, or quart cases.

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