Retail Fuel Branding

 Branded Bulk Fuel Services That Take You The Distance

Specializing in your favorite brands is the hallmark of RV Jensen’s fuel distribution services. Choose the major brands you and your customers know and rely upon, from Chevron and Valero to 76 and AmStar, and we’ll come along for the ride to help nurture and grow your business with you. We specialize in timely delivery through Central and Coastal California, and beyond.

Your partnership with RV Jensen goes the extra mile to focus on your needs, providing you with a stealth combination of world-class fuel services, technical support, branding opportunities, and fleet fueling tailor-made for retail dealers and owner-operators. Take advantage of our:

Branding Development Options
Reliability is number one for your valuable customers, so we carry the best brands available. Trust our 50+ years to provide branding opportunities that attract new customers and build your loyal customer base. We also offer name brands of bulk lubricants for your discerning customers. Improve your retail site with branded graphics, signage, and equipment.

• On Site Analysis
Our experts fill in the gaps. We don’t just deliver fuel. Expect us to go the extra mile to help you with branded marketing, operations, and overall site development. Attract new customers and keep loyal customers by your side with our comprehensive site evaluation that takes in the entire picture for customized recommendations that deliver profits.

• Partner Agreements
Align your company with a partner that helps to nurture and grow your business with you. Depend on us for everything from branding with your customer’s go-to products and services to the convenience and control of fleet fueling with over 300,000 sites internationally that accept the Fleetwide card at CFN and Fuelman locations 24/7. Expect a quick turnaround response to your fuel requests and discounts.

• Dedicated Team of Staff and Personnel
Since Robert V. “Bob” Jensen began his family owned and operated business in 1952 as a Chevron Terminal Agent, our company remains dedicated to bring you the widest range of major brands available across the Central Valley and Central Coast of California. Trust our team’s years of experience and reliability to deliver the highest quality fuel services and products.

Align your company with the brands you know and trust, and offer your customers the secure convenience of quickly fueling up and getting back on the road. Contact our branding fueling crew at 800-366-8210.