Get RV Jensen’s Brands of DEF for Optimal Fuel Efficiency

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) came on board as a chemically efficient way to stave off the detrimental effects of pollution from nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. As a non-hazardous combination of urea and de-ionized water, DEF effectively neutralizes NOx emissions. DEF is not a fuel additive—It is sprayed into the exhaust stream to transform NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water, a process known as selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

Since 2010, the EPA required trucks and original engine manufacturers to use SCR to meet their new emission standard guidelines. Because SCR is an after-treatment technology used to control emissions, manufacturers can now significantly boost performance and increase fuel savings. The result: DEF makes heavy-duty trucks run more efficiently.

This safe-to-handle, nonflammable, nontoxic lubricant is not subject to hazardous product regulations. To preserve its quality, DEF must be handled and stored properly, to prevent spillage into nearby watercourses and nearby drains. It’s durable, easily lasting longer than the 12-month shelf life when kept properly.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) developed tips for ensuring that shops and stations are buying the highest quality DEF. Make sure that the brands you choose meet the ISO quality requirements. Buying API-licensed DEF ensures that your DEF is tested in API’s Aftermarket Audit Program.

In this way, you can rest knowing that the DEF you offer in your shop and station meet the standards set by the EPA and truck and engine OEMs. Look for the certification to protect customer’s vehicles from using contaminated products and falling victim to and costly repairs.

RV Jensen was the first, full-line petroleum distributor to promote and install DEF systems. Our representatives advise and guide state and federal agencies.

We proudly carry two brands of diesel exhaust fluid to satisfy your customer’s needs. We only distribute brands that are certified according to the international standard ISO22241 and the American Petroleum Institute:

Air1® Diesel Exhaust Fluid by Yara
Trust Yara as the premier pioneer of DEF, first introducing their high-quality DEF to Europe in 2005 and then to North America in 2010. They are now the largest DEF producer in the world. Air1R® DEF is composed of specially treated demineralized water and virgin pure urea. Each batch is analyzed to follow the highest standards.

TerraCair Ultrapure Diesel Exhaust Fluid™ and Blue Sky Diesel Exhaust Fluid by Vulcan Companies
With over 25 years of experience in all things DEF, Vulcan Companies continues to tow the line when it comes to manufacturing industry-leading DEF that complies with EPA requirements.


Ensure the purity of an exact mixture of 32.5% urea and 67.5% deionized water to keep your customers out of the breakdown lane. Take advantage of the RVJ promise of superior service and money-saving bulk prices. Order your shipment in 275 or 330 gallon totes dispensing systems and 55-gallon drums 2.5-gallon jugs, and even 1-gallon jugs. On-time delivery is on time and guaranteed.

Wondering how to handle DEF and remain in compliance with the EPA?

Our lubricant experts will guide you with optimum storage and dispensing tips of DEF including proper temperature storage, the best ways to transfer DEF from a bulk tank or drum, the best equipment for dispensing DEF, and how to clean equipment used to dispense DEF.

Our dedicated RVJ diesel exhaust fluid specialists are looking forward to hearing from you. Contact us at 800-366-8210