Alternative Fuels

Clean, Efficient, and Affordable Alternative Fuels: Renewable Diesel and More

We count ourselves lucky to be based in California, the most forward-thinking state in the union when it comes to encouraging and incentivizing alternative fuels for a clean environment. Here at RV Jensen, we are on board with our state’s efforts to offer you the newest, cutting edge fuel options.

Traditional petroleum diesel fuel is solely produced from crude oil fossil fuels that are extracted from the ground, piped into a refinery, and then hydrogenated using heat and pressure before it can be used. Not only is this fuel subject to the scarcity of depletion—The burning of petroleum is a substantial contributor to poor air quality.

One way to reduce your reliance on petroleum is to turn to renewable diesel, proven to lower CO2 emissions to meet the most recent State standards. Switching to renewable diesel results in lower costs, higher performance, and an odor-free experience, all while allowing you to stick with your current fuel infrastructures. 

Here at RV Jensen we offer renewable bulk fuel service that completely eliminates dependency on petroleum diesel fuel. Our low-carbon fuel is derived solely from agricultural waste, including natural animal fats and vegetable oil. What sets it apart from biodiesel is that it is processed to be chemically identical to standard petroleum diesel. 

How does this difference spell benefits for you?

  • Renewable fuel is designed for use in conventional diesel engines, without blending with petroleum diesel for compatibility. Their chemical likeness to petroleum grants you the ability to use your distribution and fuel storage without incurring additional investment costs for modifying or adding infrastructures.
  • Renewable fuel ensures efficient combustion, clocking in at a cetane number of as high as 85. This translates in as much at 80 percent greenhouse gas reduction, equivalent to the amount of carbon reduction created by 16,396 acres of healthy forestland. Diesel particulate filters accumulate almost 35 percent less soot, regeneration is greatly reduced or eliminated, thus reducing maintenance costs while increasing fuel economy. Performance issues are nonexistent.
  • Renewable fuel is without the storage headaches of freezing, because it’s hydrogenated, and therefore void of oxygen. Hydrogenation also gives renewable fuel its signature odorless and colorless characteristic.
  • Renewable fuel meets American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM’s) D975 standard for commercial fuel quality. In other words, renewable diesel has undergone rigorous testing to certify quality.

RV Jensen Continues to Research Additional Fuel Alternatives

RV Jensen continues to research additional fuel alternatives to help California to a net-zero carbon emission standard by 2040 and provide you with the cost effectiveness and efficiency you expect for your fleet and your customers.

We’re looking to providing electric charging stations in the near future. The current stumbling block is considering how to provide the large amount of electrical power necessary to keep a fleet of vehicles running without interruption. Field tests are currently underway by several truck manufacturers that are seeking a cost efficient mass production solution. The attractiveness of zero tailpipe emissions for diesel vehicles fuels the race to build commercial electric vehicles that conserve power.

Natural gases and hydrogen is one possible alternative, as it may replace petroleum usage just as burning hydrogen gas is a superior choice to burning coal. The solution currently under research is utilizing hydrogen fuel cells to replace the internal combustion engine.

A hydrogen cell generator (or a hydrogen booster cell) retrofit is proven to add as much as a 30 percent improvement in fuel consumption. Scientists at Stanford University developed a nickel-based catalyst with long durability and high activity. However, this new technology is not quite ready for the market. Tests are ongoing, as HHO booster cells are on tap to provide the following benefits: (Source: Mark Dansie):

• Up to 90 percent reduction of carbon monoxide emissions
• Up to 90 percent decrease in hydrocarbon emissions
• Up to 70 percent drop in organic particulates
• Reduction in exhaust gas temperature (EGT)
• Reduction in mechanical noise
• Up to 12 percent increase in horsepower
• Improvement AND cleaning of heavily carbonized engines—As much as 13 percent improvement

Check our website often for the newest service offerings, including a variety of new alternative fuel choices that meet California’s rigorous emission regulations while resulting in fuel efficiency that’s affordable. In the meanwhile, contact our fuel services team to discover how these fuel choices can elevate your business: 800-366-8210.