Food Grade Lubricants

Avoid Foodborne Hazards with Food Grade Grease & Food Grade Lubricants

Trust RV Jensen for our commitment to offering oils and lubricants that meet industry guidelines. In the food manufacturing industry, this mission translates to ensuring that we provide a catalog of food grade grease and lubricants that are approved for direct contact.

Avoid the hefty cost of food recalls that cripple companies some $10 million dollars per incident, on average (Source: Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Food Marketing Institute). Contaminants such as salmonella, E. coli,  listeria create public relations nightmares that wreak havoc upon once solid reputations.  Reduce incidences of microbiological, chemical, and physical foodborne hazards, and public health protection is reinforced.


To this end, RV Jensen provide the Total Specialties, Inc. brand of industrial food grade lubricants and oils to ensure that your food safety programs follow standards established by the USDA and internationally recognized by the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization.

These standards, the HACCP (the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Rule) principles, form the outline for accepted food safety procedures. The Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) published detailed compliance guides to help agribusinesses meet HACCP regulations. We recommend your company formulate and execute a plan for observing the seven HACCP principles that directly impacts the specifics of your particular product and process. Government and industry groups are formulating generic HACCP models that provide guidelines and directions for developing plant-, process- and product-specific HACCP systems. The International Meat and Poultry HACCP Alliance created a training curriculum to address principles as they apply to the meat and poultry industry. For an addition resource, review the facts regarding HACCP compliance for safe food production.

Think of these HACCP principles as your game plan for monitoring and controlling each step of your process to diminish the risk contamination in meat, poultry, egg, and ready-to-eat products. Make sure that an integral part of your compliancy plan includes our safe, food grade oils, lubricants and greases from Total Specialties keep machinery in top working order.

1.  Total Specialties lubricants, and greases designed for routine machinery maintenance with incidental food contact:

  • NEVASTANE® AW Anti-wear lubricating and hydraulic oil perfect for food processing conveyors and machinery. The high performance additives and white oil base stocks provide superior protection against high temps and loads. Compatible with seals and elastomers, this lubricant is durable and withstands wear-and-tear, oxidation, and rust. NSF H1 USDA Registered to signify safe for incidental contact with food.
  • NEVASTANE SH Synthetic (PAO) lubricating oil that provides significant protection and longer operational life to equipment. Recommended for vacuum pumps, air compressors, and hydraulic systems running at low temps used in food processing. Complies with FDA chapter 21 CFR and NSF H1 registered and particularly designed for performance in low temperature environments.
  • NEVASTANE® 2 PLUS Premium multi-purpose, white, aluminum complex grease for machinery that outperforms other food safe lubricants. Tacky texture combined with oxidation and water resistant properties protect against corrosion and increase re-grease intervals to provide as much as 50% higher wear resistance. Stability over a wide range of temps allows for a wide range of food processing machinery applications. Complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR and NSF H1 registered.
  • CARTER OGL 1000 M and CARTER OGL 600M Specialty food grade oil for open gears and bearings designed for excellent performance in the presence of water and sugar cane juice. Perfect for sugarcane mill process operations. Very high viscosity, very high load resistant semi-synthetic oil that adheres easily to metal surfaces when pumped by automatic spraying equipment. Thermal stability, excellent performance under high pressure, and superior corrosion and rust protection lend resist wear and increase lifespan of equipment. Certified with NF-ISO international specification.

2.  Mineral oils safe for use as release agents in food processing plants with direct contact with foodstuffs:

  •  NEVASTANE ® CLEAR 15 & 68 Made with USP white mineral oils recommended for applications where machinery used for mixing, preparing, manufacturing, and packing food comes into contact with food, such as dough dividers and bakery food processors. These NSF 3H and H1 registered oils are suitable for low and high temp service and are compatible with seals and elastomers.

3.  Light viscosity, food-safe machinery flushing oil:

  • NEVASTANE® FLUSH OIL Non-corrosive, non-staining, low odor, non-toxic oil that cleans and flushes residue and old oils. It’s compatible with most synthetics and petroleum products. This H1 registered food grade oil meets USDA guidelines for incidental food contact. Long machine life is assured, while contamination problems are kept at bay according to HACCP principles. Successful applications include flushing for hydraulic systems, circulating oil systems, chains, and bearings.

In addition to abiding by HACCP principles, all Total NEVASTANE® oils are ISO 21469 certified safe for use in Kosher, Halal  applications.

Which food grade grease and lubricant products fit your specific processes?

The RV Jensen lubricant consultants team provides you customized assistance to steer your company clear of expensive food hazard issues. Contact us at  800-366-8210.