Fleet Fueling

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Take Control of Fleet Expenses with RV Jensen’s Fleet Cards!

The best way to save money on fueling up your trucks for the long haul is with the RV Jensen FleetWide fleet fueling card. Our fleet cards are your passports to major discounts over the high per-gallon prices at the pump, while offering the control you need to keep your fleet operating 24/7.

We’re known for our extensive fuel services network. Roll into any station displaying Fuelman or CFN signs, and your FleetWide card is honored. With fuel distribution products, and services available at unattended cardlock sites, retail stores, and over 95 Love Travel Stops and 250 Pilot Travel Centers for fuel, RV Jensen provides everything for necessary pit stops. Over 55,000 Fuelman and CFN (Commercial Fueling Network) sites nationwide mean that your drivers are never alone on the road.

Fuelman & CFN Locations

Click here for a complete listing of the Fuelman and CFN locations.

Coming Soon: Go Cardless with the CFN Pay App!

• No worrying about lost, broken, or worn out cards.
• Fuel up fast with increased security.
• Works with iPhone and Android.

CFN Pay makes fueling up quicker, easier, and safer.

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Fleet Fueling, Simplified.

Visit our CFN and Fuelman convenient site locators to find a FleetWide cardlock location near you. You can even narrow your search to the fuel type, driver comforts, and type of facility. Download the CFN app with your Apple or Android device for quick mobile searching. Download the Fuelman Site Locator app in the Apple App Store and in Google Play.

You Have Better Things To Do Than Sort Receipts, Allocate Costs, & Track Expenses.

• Oversee fuel purchases with a single detailed invoice.
• Receive usage reports containing detailed info about the card, vehicle, driver, product bought, location, and fuel consumption.
• Set limits on fueling times, gallons, and products purchased to control your costs.
• Track your account and card information, and securely activate and deactivate cards.
• Receive real-time notifications of card swipe activities.

You’ll never need to worry about unauthorized usage—Your pre-set limits trip fraud alerts to notify you of unusual purchases and card skimming.

Fleet Fueling Contact

Our customer service remains by your side through the process of setting up our cardlock system, to managing transactions and reading reports, to updating the system to produce the information you need at your fingertips. With over 50 years in the fuel distribution business, count on RV Jensen to deliver the most advanced fueling control support.

Supervise your fleet’s fueling activities and experience proven savings through our FleetWide fueling card program. Regardless of your fleet’s size and type of vehicles, we’ll customize the perfect cardlock plan to suit your needs. Take advantage of our widespread diesel fueling network, online account access, and state-of-the-art security controls.

Contact Stephen Davis (559) 917-2067 or Mike Martin (559) 240-5732, RV Jensen’s fleet fueling specialists to get started.