Fleet Fueling FAQ

Fleet Fueling FAQ

RV Jensen Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Dependability is the name of the game in fleet fueling. Trusting that more than 55,000 sites nationwide honor our CFN Fleetwide card 24/7, 365 days a year, means that you’ll never experience downtime when deadlines must be met.

Here at RV Jensen, we strive to be your go-to fuel distributor for your fleet’s entire needs. When your drivers are on the road, our fleet fueling services keep them rolling while automating the accounting so that you can keep tabs on their activity.


Our Fleet Fueling FAQ (frequently asked questions) describe how it works:

What are the advantages getting my drivers on board with the RV Jensen fleet fueling card?

Our fleet fueling card is accepted at any station displaying the CFN or Fuelman Signs. With over 55,000 nationwide locations, your drivers can fuel up anytime of the day or night. Get huge discounts over the per-gallon retail prices at the pump. For essential pit stops, your drivers also have access to fuel distribution products and retail stores at over 250 Pilot Travel Centers and 95 Love Travel Stops.

How do I control the usage and set card limits of each RV Jensen Fleetwide card?

As a CFN provider, we can set controls by driver or vehicle so that you can customize restrictions by cardholder. Because all CFN cards require a Driver ID or PIN to fuel, you can identify the user and keep costs under control by reducing unauthorized purchases. (Card product restrictions cannot be guaranteed on Extended sites)

With access to our online portal, set limits on amount spent, gallons, fueling times, and products bought. You’ll get real-time notifications of card swipes. Set charge limits to avoid unauthorized usage, strange purchases, and card skimming. Track account info and securely validate or invalidate cards as needed.

How is the RV Jensen Fleetwide card different than other fleet fueling cards?

With our Fleetwide card, you’ll get a professional fuel advocate to develop a customized fleet fueling program to meet your business needs, provide you with fuel management tools, and offer local customer service.

Are there any contract commitments?

No. Feel free to cancel your account at any time.

How is accounting automated?

Accounting is made simple with our POS system that captures the driver ID and the odometer reading for each transaction. You can even record the job number. This info, and more, is contained in your usage reports that grant you a bird’s eye view of purchase history for specific drivers. Learn more in our video.

Can I receive copies of receipts?

When we set up your account, simply opt in to receive emailed receipts. Choose up to four different email addresses for the recipients.

What action should I take if I see a fraudulent charge?

Contact us immediately if you notice any unusual charges so that we can deactivate the card and get another one issued right away. Request to have receipts emailed to you to catch issues as soon as possible and reduce fraud.

How long does it take to receive the cards? How long does it take to replace a broken card or issue new cards?

Expect delivery within just 7 to 10 business days of ordering. Contact us at asoravilla@rvjensen.com, or call 559-485-8210 x113, to quickly reissue cards.

Are there any transaction fees or other “hidden fees” associated with using the cards?

There are no fees to use our cards.

How do you evaluate credit?

Our credit team evaluates business and personal credit histories as reported by Dun & Bradstreet and Transunion.

How does billing work? What is your billing period, how do I pay invoices, and is there a late fee?

The billing period takes place twice per month. The first billing cycle covers transactions for the 1st through the 15th, and the second billing cycle covers the 16th through the end of the month.

The method of payment is determined after your credit application is evaluated. Payment options include EFT or check, depending upon the approval of your credit.

We encourage on-time payments to avoid service disruptions. Accounts that are past due or closed will be billed a late charge of 1.5% per month (.750 per billing cycle) until the balance is resolved.

How can my drivers find Fuelman and CFN fueling sites while on the road?

The CFN app, available for Apple and Android devices, makes mobile searching a piece of cake. Search for cardlock locations nearby, and narrow the search results according to fuel type, type of facility, and even creature comforts for the driver. The Fuelman Site Locator app is also available for Apple and Android.

CFN and Fuelman stations are spread throughout North America. Take advantage of the easy way to provide your drivers with a fueling stop to keep them truckin’. Contact our fleet fueling expert, Tom Martinez at 559-485-8210, and to discuss how our fleet card program can be customized to help your business save money with discounted diesel fueling, online access to accounting, and cutting edge security controls.