Wholesale Fuels

Dependable Unbranded Wholesale Fuel Distribution Directly to Your Tanks

Our focus on increasing your profits is the driving force behind RV Jensen’s around-the-clock delivery of quality unleaded and diesel fuel services and products. No wonder we are the favorite fuel distribution company in the Central and Coastal California regions for 50 years and counting.

We keep fuel costs down for a wide variety of business sectors. Join retail station and truck stop owners, commercial trucking companies, government agencies, and agricultural, industrial, manufacturing, and construction companies. Put your trust in punctual wholesale and fleet fueling from RV Jensen.

As your single-source fuel distribution partner, we pull up with just the wholesale fuels you need, whether you are looking to top off your tanks or bobtail deliveries. Our long term relationships with suppliers enables us to offer an amazing array of fuel types, including red dyed diesel, clear carb #2 Diesel and, and 87, 89, and 91 octane gas. We also feature environmentally sound biodiesel and other clean fuels technology.

Count on the RV Jensen bulk fuel delivery experts to provide:

Personal Consultation with an In-House Pricing Analyst
Don’t go it alone when choosing the best fuels at the best prices to fit your needs. An RV Jensen in-house pricing analyst ensures you are getting the most competitive prices to fill your tanks.

Competitive Pricing and Ongoing Communication
Prices change, and we keep on top of them. We’ll scope out the best buys for you, and we’ll keep you informed when we see changes that will keep your costs down.

Keep Fuel Deliveries Request
We look at your entire delivery history to determine the best time to deliver your chosen fuels to prevent you from running out. Make “out of fuel” signs on pumps a thing of the past.

Equipment and Business Expertise
Our team’s diversified knowledge and experience gives you the competitive advantage. Rely on your dedicated RV Jensen fuel consultant for the ultimate guidance for storage and dispensing of fuel, inventory control and fuel management, online fuel pricing access, emergency fuel service, and so much more.

Dedication to serving a wide range of wholesale fueling needs, 24 hours and 7 days a week, is our mission at RVJ. Get in touch with us to start down the road to full tanks and big savings: 800-366-8210. Invite us to ride by your side to maximize profits and customer loyalty.