Ride Into the Future of Biodiesel Technology

Here at RV Jensen, we pride ourselves on providing our client partners the most cutting-edge equipment and fuels. For 50 years and more, we continue to stay abreast of emerging technologies to earn the trust of station and fleet operators, trucking companies, government agencies, and successful businesses stretching across a wide range of industries.

The newest generation of fuels and fuel products are the biggest boon to eliminating greenhouse gases (GHGs). Alternative fuels—biodiesel and renewable diesel fuel—now exceed the CO2 reductions experienced with ethanol. Together with the fact that recent diesel engine models are built to the latest emission control standards, biodiesel fuel produces near-zero emission performance.

RV Jensen is now offering renewable diesel fuel that is readily available in the pipeline, can be safely dropped in pure or blended, improves performance, and is CARB-approved! Find out more on our Renewable Diesel Webpage.

San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Oakland use renewable diesel fuels exclusively for government-owned heavy-duty buses, trucks, and equipment. They are proving that the combination of renewable fuels and new-generation engines deliver cost savings with emission reductions.

Now, we are making the benefits of biodiesel available for our Central and Coastal California partners:

Lower Costs—Fleet maintenance is less expensive, because less ash and soot clog up your diesel particulate filters (DPFs). Engines run smoother while fuel economy increases.

Better Performance—The high cetaine number inherent with biodiesel fuel translates to less engine noise with quicker igniting, as compared with fossil fuels. Combustion efficiency adds miles to an engine’s lifespan.

Use Your Existing Fuel Infrastructures—Your current fuel storage and distribution operations don’t need an overhaul. Alternative fuel operations require no additional investment. We adhere to the highest industry standards for fuel storage, fuel handling, and fuel quality.

Odor-Free Gas—Biodiesel fuel is void of sulfur and other stinky aromatics. Biodiesel gas is composed of veggie oils and animal fats, which are frequently blended with ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel. Our blend of biodiesel fuel results in up to 65% lubricity compared with conventional diesel, thus resulting in less wear and smoother engine and component functions.

Owners of heavy-duty vehicles with the newest engines are looking to increase performance with these new fuels. There is a hungry market for fuel alternatives. Enter the world of groundbreaking, biodiesel technology and experience the advantages cited by the California Air Resources Board’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program: eliminate the transportation sources of GHG emissions while increasing your bottom line.

Drop us a line to get your questions answered and give our alternative fuel distribution experts a call at 800-366-8210.