Lubricant Services

Keeping Your Vehicles Moving Smoothly with Your Choice of Top-Rated Lubricants

Here at Robert V Jensen, we cover all the bases for your fuel and lubricant needs. Over the last 50 years and counting, we go the distance to offer you everything necessary to keep vehicles in tip top running condition. With our diligent research and considerable experience, we provide a custom-curated array of proven lubricants for optimum fleet maintenance and performance. We’re dedicated to meet your needs with the best high quality solutions.

We proudly carry the Shell Distributor Product Quality Assurance (DPQA) seal of approval, awarded by Shell Oil to only those suppliers that follow the highest quality lubricant industry standards. Select lubricants from the road-tested Shell ROTELLA® heavy duty diesel engine oil family of products, including diesel engine oils, antifreeze, coolants, and more. Experience Shell’s legacy of Triple Protection performance.

Also choose products from TOTAL Lubricants, USA. Their line is developed through a diligent commitment to excellence in performance. Select from their Quartz synthetic engine oils, classic engine oils, heavy-duty Rubia Fuel Economy (FE) lubricants, and more from their catalog of tested lubricants.

Take advantage of the most chemically efficient way to ward off noxious NOx pollution with our nontoxic and nonflammable diesel exhaust fluids (DEFs). RVJ proudly distributes Air1®, TerraCair, and Blue Sky diesel exhaust fluids that carry ISO 22241 and API certification. Our DEF products render polluting emissions harmless by spraying an exact mixture of urea and water into the exhaust stream. Increase fuel economy and performance without introducing more additives into the fuel system.

For food-safe applications, RV Jensen also specializes in providing the Total Specialties line of industrial food grade grease and lubricant oils for product-, facility-, and process-specific food production. These USDA compliant oils are designed to minimize the risk of physical, chemical, and microbiological contamination. Whether you manufacture ready-to-eat products (such as baked goods) or products containing eggs, meat or poultry, RV Jensen has the specific food grade oils to match your processing needs. Call 800-366-8210 to learn how to meet HACCP principles of compliancy.

We also carry the Pennzoil, Quaker State, and Heritage lines of full synthetic motor oil, conventional motor oils and blends, manual and automatic transmission fluids, power steering fluid, axle oils, antifreeze, and coolants. We’ll find the perfect products and services to save you money by maximizing engine efficiency, extending the life of components, and avoiding downtime. Rest assured that we always deliver according to your needs.

Expect on-time delivery and bend-over-backwards service throughout the Central Valley and Coastal regions of California—RV Jensen supplies the quantities you need. Save money and stay well-stocked with our best-in-class products and one-on-one service.

Partner with the RV Jensen lubricants team and receive:

  • Your choice of product delivery by the case, quart, gallon, pail, drum, and bulk
  • Lubricant product samples and test marketing
  • Access to our extensive line of automotive, commercial, and industrial lubricant products
  • Access to a wide variety of additional automotive, commercial, and industrial products to keep you on the road
  • Complete oil analysis and product testing
  • Expert technical support and customer service

Dedicated to service…driven to satisfy.

We provide a smooth ride by providing you with motor oil and lubricant industrial grade products to fit your needs. Contact our lubricant team and experience how our dedicated service is driven to satisfy: 800-366-8210