Renewable Diesel

RV Jensen Paves the Way to Lower Emission with Renewable Diesel Fuel

As your trusted leader in fuel distribution for over 50 years, we’re providing easy access to renewable diesel fuel. This amazing synthetic fuel is readily available, regulated, and plentiful in the current pipeline. Renewable diesel performs well, is cost efficient, and lowers emissions. This low-carbon fuel is the game changer for fleets operating in agriculture, construction, and all industries that rely on diesel to get the job done.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is completely on board with this revolutionary fuel—They are forging a pathway to incentivize or require alternative diesel fuels (ADF) to blaze the trail to cleaner California air. Discover how easy it is to make the transition for your fleet and reap the benefits!

What is Renewable Diesel Fuel?

This synthetic, next generation diesel fuel, is made from renewable sources such as veggie oil or other organic matter known as biomass feedstock (such as agri-waste)—But this is where its similarity to biodiesel ends. Renewable diesel has a different chemical composition as a super-clean, re-engineered synthetic hydrocarbon molecule with controlled properties. This process transforms low-grade organic materials into pure diesel fuel that delivers up to 80% reduction in emissions compared with traditional petroleum diesel. And it can be used 100% or in any blend in any diesel engine!

No Integration Necessary!

Yes, you read that correctly—Renewable diesel requires no modifications and is completely compatible with your existing heavy-duty diesel engines. Because renewable diesel is chemically equivalent to petroleum diesel, this biofuel can be transported through the existing petroleum pipelines and blended with or without petroleum. It meets ASTM D975 regulations, and therefore can be safely dropped into other fuels, blended, and transported. Partner with RV Jensen for our menu of renewable fuel options.

High Performance and Efficiency

The purity of the process to create renewable diesel spells out high performance for your fleet. The clean-burning, low CO2 diesel fuel creates fewer DPF regeneration cycles. The higher cetane level with a low “cloud point” leads to quicker starts, quieter running, improved throttle response, and better cold-weather performance. Using renewable diesel feeds engines with fuel that can be burned more efficiently, creating more power per cycle, and leading to significant better performance.

Fleets that sit idling and function in stop-and-go situations find particular benefit to the cleaner, superior performance. Diesel utility bucket truck and garbage truck operators report significantly less maintenance costs. (Source:

RV Jensen has analyzed the facts and found that most heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers—from Cummins, Caterpillar, Mack and John Deere to Volvo Trucks, Detroit Diesel, and Paccar—approve the use of pure renewable diesel in their engines.

Easy to Handle and Easy to Store

There are no limits to storage time. Renewable diesel does not deteriorate in quality or become a home for microbial growth. Since it contains lo impurities or aromatics, it combusts with less injector maintenance and DPF regeneration. RV Jensen offers usage and storage solutions for renewable diesel and all fuels and lubes.

100% CARB Approved

Vehicle manufacturers approve of renewable diesel, and so does CARB. The research is in. Because the process to create renewable diesel produces a purer fuel, the result is a lower carbon footprint with lower tailpipe emissions than petroleum-based diesel. This advanced green fuel yields more than 50% lifecycle greenhouse gas reduction over petroleum diesel. No wonder renewable diesel meets CARB’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). RV Jensen continues to keep current on the latest CARB info.

Extend the life of your engines while staying CARB-smart. The road to the future is easy and trouble-free with renewable diesel. Contact our experienced fuel distribution team to get on board with the diesel fuel of the future at 800-366-8210.