Emission Solutions

Take Control of Diesel Emissions and Extend the Lifespan of Engines with DPF Cleaning

We’re the proud parent company of Advanced Emission Control Solutions (AECS), the premiere all-in-one diesel emissions service company. Through AECS, you’ll ensure CARB compliance with decades of experience shepherding truck, bus, heavy-duty vehicle, and fleet owners through complex State and Federal emissions requirements.

AECS goes beyond guidance with remedies to meet emissions regulations. Our AECS experts are Authorized Distributors of diesel particulate filters (DPFs), with a solid reputation for providing OEM and retrofit DPFs, DPF cleaning and repair, replacement parts, and even smoke tests and oil changes. Receive custom advice and solutions from experienced emission consultants that base their recommendations upon the Air Resource’s Board (ARB) fleet calculator to make sure installation and standards are met according to known specifications.

AECS Diesel Emissions Services Include:

Initial consultation—Our AECS consultants stay current on the recent updates to regulations, recommending emerging tech for CARB compliancy, disclosing the affect and reliability of biodiesel on DPF filters, and describing the steps to be compliant after the latest CARB lawsuit decision. Our AECS technicians sort out the requirements that specifically affect you to provide the customized solutions. Receive complimentary CARB guidance at no obligation.

DPF cleaning and diagnostics—AECS performs regular DPF maintenance using the advanced FSX cleaning system, the only DPF system independently approved by OEMs, the only process that cleans both sides of the DPF, and the only industry-standard evaluation of restricted airflow. AECS uses cutting edge technology to clean, troubleshoot, test, and certify your level of DPF function. Even the most hard-to-clean filters are recovered and repaired. Cleaire customers also receive assistance with warranty submissions and approval.

DPF cleaning for diesel pickup trucks—AECS provides DPF cleaning at a fraction of what dealerships charge, because dealerships replace DPFs and don’t clean them. Manufacturer warranties are held in place while cleaning DPFs, performing forced regenerations, and resetting codes. AECS stays on top of all diagnostic codes for domestic, European, and Asian pickups. Their huge inventory of retrofit and replacement parts keeps you out of the dealership and on the road.

Mobile DPF cleaning and maintenance—AECS rolls out to you to service your diesel DPF wherever you are parked throughout California Central Valley and Central Coast communities. Their Donaldson Gen2 Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine DPF Pulse Cleaner ends unscheduled downtime, loss of horsepower, low fuel economy, voided warranties, and CARB fines. When you schedule your mobile cleaning, the AECS DPF emissions, installation, and sizing experts are happy to offer complimentary diesel emissions guidance.


Advanced Emission is also at the forefront of emergency generator service, providing mobile fuel delivery, oil change, and DPF repair and cleaning. Ensure that your backup standby generator is up to current emission standards with genset testing to confirm that they can take on their full-rated load. This diesel generator maintenance goes beyond an initial inspection and DPF cleaning—AECS includes complete lubrication, cooling system, fuel system, and battery services. Learn more about generator maintenance by downloading their flyer.

Contact the AECS DPF team at 559-472-7301 to expand the lifespan of diesel engines with state-of-the-art DPF solutions.

Robert V Jensen’s AECS diesel filter cleaning and maintenance service is yet one more reason why we are driven to satisfy, going the extra mile by delivering emissions solutions to meet today’s diesel engine demands.