RV Jensen, Inc. is making a pit stop at the upcoming American Trucking Show, Friday and Saturday, April 15th and 16th, at 1121 S. Chance Ave. in Fresno. You’ll find us in Booth 20, along with the CARB emissions experts from Advanced Emissions Control Solutions, Inc. (AECS). Take this rare opportunity to learn about fleet fueling services and maintenance regulations to help you and your drivers stay on the road, safe and trouble free, for the long haul. And, when you visit our booth, you’ll also have an opportunity to be entered in a giveaway raffle for a chance to win one of two, $100 gift cards to Pismo’s Coastal Grill!

Our representatives will be on hand to discuss money-saving ways to save on all your fuel and lubricant needs:

Discover how to control expenses with our FleetWide fleet fueling card. When you’re on board with our cardlock system, your entire fleet can easily fuel up 24/7 at over 55,000 CFN and Fuelman sites nationwide. Plus, they have access to all the driver creature comforts they need 250 Pilot Travel Centers and 95 Love Travel Stops. You remain in control, overseeing expenses by setting limits on card usage, and real-time card swipe notifications prevent unusual purchases and fraud.

Discover which brands of lubricants, antifreeze, and DEF products are certified to increase fuel economy and keep you rolling. As your premium lubricant supplier, we carry the coveted Shell Distributor Product Quality Assurance (DPQA) seal of approval, which signifies that you can trust us to provide only the top-rated road-tested Shell ROTELLA ® products for Triple Protection, heavy duty diesel engine performance. We also carry the road tested TOTAL Lubricants brand. Count on us to carry only high performance nonflammable and nontoxic DEFs (diesel exhaust fluids) with API and ISO 22241 certifications.

RV Jensen is the proud parent company of Advanced Emission, your one stop shop for CARB compliance consultation in the Central Valley and Central Coast regions. Their in-house Emissions Consultants, Bob Gaffney and Stephen Davis, will be joining our fuel distribution experts in Booth 20. Don’t miss out on entering the Advanced Emission raffle at the show for a chance to win a free DPF cleaning!

Discover the ins and outs of CARB regulations. Meet one-on-one with Mr. Gaffney and Mr. Davis to ensure that you are on top of the latest Truck and Bus and Small Fleet requirements. Get the scoop on how to keep your Class 8 Trucks delivering the goods, how to qualify for the AG Mileage Extension, and more money-saving tips for CARB compliance and clean emissions performance.

Discover when and how to get your entire fleet tuned up for long road trips. Scheduled maintenance is the key to keeping trucks online and completing jobs on time. Find out how often DPFs need to be cleaned to avoid reduced fuel economy, loss of horsepower and engine damage. Then learn how our exclusive FSX DPF cleaning system, independently approved by OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) safely clean DPFs in just 22 minutes to get you back behind the wheel. Get the intel on how to keep your warranties intact with regular valve adjustments, EGR cooling, and even oil changes. You’ll find out why spending tons of money on a new vehicle is a thing of the past, when all you may need are replacement parts.

Discover how to get diesel pickup truck and motorhome service and return to the road in record time. No more waiting weeks on end for someone to take a look under the hood. Advanced Emission is clear of supply chain hiccups, and we have our full team of employees ready to service your needs in a timely fashion. Our innovative SOLUS™ Edge software can analyze specific symptoms on hundreds of pickup, manufactured worldwide to get to the heart of the problem, perform OEM maintenance, and return you to the job.

Learn how to save money on fuel costs and meet the new low emission fleet rules. Visit our booth to learn more about the new CNG Station coming soon to the Central Valley! Our team is excited to discuss future options for low emission fleets.

Your chance to meet with both the RV Jensen and Advanced Emission specialists is here! The Central Valley’s best fuel services and fleet maintenance consultants team up together in Booth 20 at the American Trucking Show, April 15th and 16th. Need your questions answered sooner? Get in touch with the RV Jensen fueling specialists toll-free at 800-366-8210, and schedule a complimentary CARB consultation with the Advanced Emission, emission consultants at 559-472-7301.