RV Jensen, Inc. is your go-to Central Valley lubrication distributor. For any industrial and automotive applications, our top-rated greases keep your components moving smoothly. How can you find the right grease for your needs?

We’ve broken the process down into five easy steps:

  1. Know the properties of the grease that you need.

    We only carry brands that are warrantied to do the job. Our greases are semi-fluid to solid lubricants that can either be specific to a particular application or have multiple uses to save you money. Greases in our catalog are composed of specific oils that lubricate and thickeners that keep the grease in place. The thickeners can be metallic soaps, natural materials, or organic compounds—Thus imparting unique characteristics to each type of grease.

  2. Know how the grease will be used.

    First, narrow down the grease to your industry. Greases are used across a wide range of business sectors:

  • Automotive, heavy-duty vehicles, and construction equipment
    • Marine, agricultural, and rail
    • Mining, textiles, and metalworking
    • Food, beverage, and consumables processing

What type of grease does your machinery need to function properly, protect against wear, and avoid breakdowns? Consider these applications when choosing the right grease:

  • High speed flex couplings and ball bearings vs. low speed
    • High temp bearing vs. low temp
    • Open vs. enclosed gear
    • Cable vs. wire rope
    • Heavy and shock loads
    • Resistance to water contamination
    • For use in demanding environments (dusty, high temps, etc.)
    • Resistance to oxidation, corrosion, and rust
    • Prevents jamming or sticking
  1. Look for the proper certification for your industry use:

Our industrial greases have amazing properties, withstanding extreme pressure while assuring a low coefficient of friction. They perform under the harshest conditions, from -25˚C to 120˚C without the possibility of corrosion or oxidation. These stealth greases ensure long-term machine operation even under high-speed production. This grease is typically applied to essential parts of the truck chassis including pivots, bearings, slides, balls & hitches, pintle hooks, & more. They are also used in farming equipment on axles & other components. We also care a line of industrial greases that are absent of harmful substances—Void of lead and other heavy metals—Making them safe for use around human beings and safe for the environment.  Check out our catalog of TOTAL greases.

Our food grade greases are approved for direct contact with food, are safe for and human exposure consumption, and meet or exceed strict industry guidelines from the U.S. FDA. All are certified under ISO 21469 and registered NSF H1, and many are also certified Kosher. The World Trade Organization and the World Health Organization recognize our catalog of food grade greases. Most importantly, our greases protect your bottom line, avoiding contamination nightmares that can ruin your reputation, create public relations headaches, and cost your company an estimated $10 million for each violation. Read about our Nevastane food grade lubricants.

  1. Determine how much lubricant and grease you need to keep on hand.

    Our automotive products can be delivered in an easy-access system that improves inventory management for your shop, speeds up time in bays, and prevents theft of shelved bottles. Our system reduces plastic and waste management and does not require electricity to operate. And best of all, it’s free to the installer!

Here at RV Jensen, you are always welcome to buy in bulk without needing to sign a long-term contact. What better way to keep a continuous stock of your customers’ favorite brands?

For industrial and food processing uses, get delivery in pails, tubes, kegs, or drums, with or without a liner, 900 KG fluid-bags, in a tau xtractor, or skid-truck. It’s your choice!

  1. Get expert guidance to find the best greases for your business application.

    The RV Jensen team of lubrication and grease experts are here to steer you in the right direction. Contact us for your free consultation at our toll free number: 800-366-8210.