Here at RV Jensen, we recognize the importance of keeping heavy-duty fleets rolling. Fleet owners keep the nation in business, making supply deliveries and performing job site work across agriculture, shipyard, road construction, building construction, and many more sectors. The nation depends on you to be on time and on schedule. And in turn, you depend on your trucks to run smoothly to stay in business. You can’t afford reduced fuel economy, premature engine wear, downtime, and mechanical failure.

Avoid these costly calamities. Don’t waste time experimenting with different oils on the market. Rely on one heavy-duty oil to cover your entire fleet: TotalEnergies Rubia Optima 1100 FE 10W-30 Engine Oil, compatible with your newest diesel engines and existing diesel engines. The low-SAPS (low sulfated ash, phosphorus, and sulfur) technology protects engines equipped with a variety of post-treatment systems, including DPFs (diesel particulate filters).

This is the oil that was tested on actual fleets operating independently in real-world road conditions and certified by independent testing organizations. Its Inno-Boost Technology stabilizes engine viscosity for a longer period. Experience a 76% improvement in oil viscosity compared with oils that are confined to the API CK-4 Industry Limits. Rubia Optima heavy duty oil is tested and approved more than 200 times by heavy duty vehicle OEMs.

Rubia Optima 1100 FE 10W-30 is proven to increase uptime, lowers maintenance costs, extends engine oil life, and bolsters equipment longevity.

Take control over your bottom line. Experience dramatic savings in fuel costs with Rubia Optima 1100. Here’s how:

  • The fuel cost to operate a single truck is around 30%. As a low-viscosity oil that reduces the overall friction in the engine, Rubia Optima significantly improves fuel efficiency.
  • This heavy duty oil is formulated to have control over volatility, oxidation, and soot-induced viscosity growth. FE (fuel economy) retention is realized—FE properties are maintained over the oil drain interval, extending fuel savings as the oil is used over again. Up to 1% fuel consumption is saved with this FE technology.
  • Rubia Anti-Nitration Technology reduces nitrogen oxidation problems on LNG and CNG engines. Excellent shear stability, superior aeration control, and exception dispersant, detergent, and anti-wear additives give Rubia Optima heavy-duty oil advantages over other products that are not proven over the test of time.

Even under severe operating conditions, Rubia Optima 1100 FE 10W-30 has the reputation for reliability and optimum performance. Expect:

  • Better durability with extended drain intervals
  • Reduced ring wear and control deposits offering improved engine protection
  • Minimal engine wear at cold start-ups, when engines are often susceptible to damage
  • Better engine performance due to lower incidence of sludge

The trifecta of anti-wear properties, engine cleanliness, and oxidation resistance make Rubia Optima 1100 FE 10W-30 the one choice to fit the needs of your entire fleet:

  • Carries ACEA E7 & E9, API CK-4/CJ-4/CI-4+/CI-4/CH-4 international specifications, surpassing CJ-4 oils and CK-4 test limits.
  • Approved by Cummins, Mack, MB, Renault Trucks, Ford, and Volvo OEMs
  • Meet the requirements of DAF and Iveco

Turn to TotalEnergie’s Rubia Optima 1100 FE 10W-40 as the one engine oil for your entire heavy-duty fleet of vehicles. Trust Rubia to take care of your trucks’ engines. With their TIR Technology, you are assured of:

TotalEnergies Protection
Improved piston cleanliness keeping engines up to 70% cleaner than most oils on the market

International Approvals
Exceeding all OEM requirements for engine protection throughout oil drain intervals

Reduced Costs
Meets API FA-4 fuel economy while reducing fuel emissions based on 20 years of experience developing fuel economy oils for engines, axles, and gearboxes.

Here at RV Jensen, we only carry premium oils, lubricants, and coolants that have the reputation for reliably consistent results. Give our oil and lubricant team a call to get your entire fleet on board with products that extend our vehicle’s life and extend your bottom line. Reach us toll-free at 800-366-8210.