Getting on board with RV Jensen’s FleetWide card for your drivers includes a truckload of benefits and brand new innovative cardlock fuel card solutions. Join the ranks of savvy fleet owners benefiting from our FleetWide card and innovative cardlock fuel card solutions. Here’s what’s new:

The big news: CFN is online and now offers swipeless pay – coming soon to RV Jensen customers!

The free CFN Fleetwide app for iPhones or Androids lets your drivers run a search for the nearest station according to their specific needs: fuel types, site facilities, driver comforts, and truck-specific needs.

The app instantly displays maps and saves their favorite CFN locations—Anywhere a CFN, Fuelman, Flying J, Pilot, Sinclair, Speedway, Chevron, Texaco, or Love’s sign is displayed. They offer a variety of traditional, diesel, renewable diesel, and even CNG (compressed natural gas) fuels and products with 18-wheel access to high flow pumps.

The free CFN Pay app for iPhone and Android allows for convenient payments from phones with cardless swipe.

Your drivers are simply authorized to begin pumping fuel by correctly answering a few questions. Built into the app is a CFN station locator that maps out the nearest locations to over 55,000 nationwide CFN locations 24/7.

Count on the mobile CFN Pay App to securely ensure that the usage of your financial information is protected with advanced encryption technologies that are more secure than traditional payment methods. Contactless payment and pump authorization allows drivers a safer, faster way of paying. And the real-time aspect of cardless swipes offers keeps you in total financial control. Plus, cardlock fuel card pricing saves you money over retail fuel pricing. Fleet card pricing offers stability, whereas retail location pricing can fluctuate widely between stations.

The CFN platform lets you manage purchases in real-time, putting you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to set up usage of the card the way you want with product controls that you can set securely. The card will only work for purchases that you approve. Set each card to purchase diesel gas only or renewable diesel only, and the card will only activate the fuel pumps and transactions that you allow.

Create pre-set limits on the type of fuel, number of gallons, and other types of products allowed to be purchased, including:

• Product controls at specific locations
• Per day purchase limits
• Day of the week and times of fueling
• A virtual Driver Identification Number (DIN) for each individual driver

The limits you set help to control your costs while preventing unauthorized usage—You’ll receive immediate fraud alerts of suspicious card skimming and unusual purchases.

Supervise your account online by making adjustments to card usage, viewing swipes and authorizations, downloading transactions, activating and in deactivating drivers’ cards, and administering your fueling account the way you see fit.

Our fleet cards stand out above the others.

We provide you with a professional RV Jensen fuel specialist that develops the tools you need to manage your business while your drivers are fueling up. We’ll guide you to get info you need, in real-time, to make up-to-the-minute decisions to manage costs at the pumps. Run reports containing details of each card, driver, and vehicle and their fuel consumption, location, and product bought.

Take control of your fleet expenses anytime and anywhere with CFN cardlock fuel card solutions. Find out how it works and then get started on the road to saving money by gaining complete control of your drivers’ purchases. Contact our fleet fueling specialists: Stephen Davis at (559) 917-2067 and Mike Martin at (559) 240-5732.