Ride smoothly into the New Year with the fuel, lubrication, and antifreeze products that keep your company on the road to prosperity. Welcome 2021 with customized lubricant, emission, and fuel services for your station and business.

Here at RV Jensen, we’re your one-stop shop for all major brands of lubrication and petroleum products for the Central California Coast and the Central San Joaquin Valley. Take us for a spin—Explore our website and tour our most popular services:

Fuel Distribution Services

Wholesale bulk fuel deliveries ensure that your preferred fuels fill your tanks. Our team ensures that your wholesale fueling needs are met 24/7 as we provide you with the guidance to give you the competitive advantage on fuel pricing, inventory control, storage and dispensing, emergency fuel service, and more. Our in-house pricing analyst rides shotgun with you to determine the best fuels at the best prices. Rely on your personal analyst to determine the best delivery times so you’ll never run out of fuel.

Retail bulk fuel branding provides your business with everything you need to create trust with your customers and guarantee repeat business. Offer major brands of fuel and lubricants that your customers ask for by name, along with branded equipment, signage, and graphics to attract sales. Our experts perform a complete site assessment to determine a customized strategy to increase your profits. We provide the tools you need to grow your business: from carrying customer favorites to fleet fueling.

Offer environmentally sound fuels for 2021 and beyond to produce a smaller carbon footprint, including renewable bulk diesel and other fuel alternative deliveries. Biodiesel, known for producing near-zero emissions, is also available for bulk delivery. Introduce odor-free, high-performance gas that reduces soot build-up, the main culprit of expensive DPF maintenance.

Lubricants and Antifreeze Services

RV Jensen supplies the top-grade automotive lubricants that your customers depend upon for the long haul. Our complete distribution package makes it possible to offer the brands that customers prefer at service stations, auto parts stores, dealerships, and oil change facilities. We feature the Quaker State line of motor oil products that come with free warranty programs to encourage customers to return for regularly scheduled oil and oil filter changes. You’ll solidify your reputation with the one brand of motor oil with over 100 years of experience providing protection against engine wear.

Our bulk coolants and antifreeze go the extra mile, adding up to 12,000 hours in operation with special ingredients that prevent the cylinder liner from getting pitted. Choose the Shell ROTELLA® line of coolants in the custom packaging that suits your business needs, whether you prefer delivery in quart cases, liter totes, or gallon drums or jugs.

Food Grade Lubricants

Food safety is of utmost importance as we leave 2020 in the dust. ISO and FDA food grade lubricants for food processing machines provide assurance that they are hygienically safe for human exposure and contact with foods. Our NEVASTANE® food grade greases, lubricants, mineral oils, and machinery flush oil, from Total Specialties, Inc., are formulated for accidental and direct food contact, meet H-1, H-3, and ISO certification, and are created with GMO- and allergen-free formulations. They even pass Kosher and Halal laws.

Emissions Solutions

RV Jensen keeps you on the road by offering more than fuels and lubrications. As the parent company of Advanced Emission Control Solutions (AECS) we provide additional services to ensure CARB compliance for diesel fleet owners and owner-operators of heavy-duty vehicles, trucks, and buses. In-house emissions consultants guide you every step of the way to determine customized solutions to help you meet the complex CARB requirements. AECS is the only pit stop you need for DPF diagnostics, cleaning, and maintenance approved independently by OEMs. Your warranties stay in tack while they blast the gunk out of both sides of your DPF. You’re back in the driver’s seat in no time whether you come in for service, our mobile DPF cleaning truck comes out to you, or you drop off your DPF for maintenance.

As we forge ahead into 2021, bring RV Jensen onto your team to see you into a bright future of profits. It just takes a phone call at 800-366-8210. We look forward to hearing from you, and we wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!