Times have changed. Here in 2020, consumers have a heightened concern for maintaining good health. How foods are processed gained critical importance. In response, food manufacturers understand that they now risk more significant financial, brand name, and company reputation fallouts from product recalls due to contamination.

Contamination causes can be subtle. A minor machinery leak could go unnoticed before foods are wrapped and shipped out. During USDA inspections, any instance of over 10 parts per million of contaminants (Source: is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. When contaminants are not caught upon inspection, food recalls can cripple companies by $10 million per incident!

Here at Robert V. Jensen, we provide manufacturers with food grade lubricants that keep the good health of your brand and company, while protecting the health of your consumers. Our line of Nevastane® lubricants, from Total Specialties, Inc., are NSF H1-registered, meet ISO 21469 hygiene certification, and are Kosher- and Halal-certified. What does this mean?

First, let’s define “food grade”—The material is permitted to come into contact with food and is safe for human consumption. This means that anything that the food comes into contact with during the manufacturing process must be fit for human exposure and consumption. To ensure these criteria hold true, the following guidelines prevent exposing consumers to unnecessary risks:

To ensure farm-to-fork food grade safety, Nevastane® lube and oil products go above-and beyond expectations:

  • H-1 Registration for Food Grade Lubricants: Nevastane® AW, SH, and 2 PLUS lubricants, CLEAR 15 & 68 oils, and FLUSH oil are safe for incidental food contact. Food processing equipment is now protected from rust, and gaskets and seals can release easily, without worry about food contamination.
  • H-3 Registration for Food Grade Soluble Oils: Nevastane® CLEAR 15 & 68 mineral oils are safe for use in food processing plants. Apply to keep trolleys, hooks, and other machinery parts clean and rust-free while they come into direct contact with food.
  • ISO 21469 Certification: Carried by all Nevastane® products, addresses the process of chemical safety of the lubricant, along with the proper distribution, handling, packaging, and storage necessary to maintain safety.
  • Kosher (“Sanctioned by Jewish Law”): All Nevastane® products carry this certification. These oils and lubes are ritually fit for contact with foodstuffs, according to Jewish Law.
  • Halal (“Permissible”): Carried by all Nevastane® products, approving these lubes and oils for safe use in food contact, according to Islamic Law.
  • Allergen- and GMO-free Certified formulations on all Nevastane® products

Don’t be one of the 60 percent of national food and beverage companies that puts consumer health in jeopardy by using lubricants and oils unsafe for food contact (Source: Learn more about how to avoid expensive foodborne hazards in food processing and manufacture, and then contact our lubricant consultants at 559-485-8210 to determine the best food-grade lubes and oils for use with your specific equipment.