As we ring in the New Year and a brand-new decade, the start of 2020 is the perfect time for fleet owners re-evaluate their expenses and look to ways to save money by taking more control over expenses. Here at RV Jensen, we’re welcoming first-time customers to our CFN FleetWide fleet fueling card with a special 5 cents off per gallon. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover why CFN is more than just a fleet card—It’s an entire solution.

What are the advantages to getting on board with our CFN fleet card instead of relying on a corporate credit card?

  • Receive a level of transaction data not available with corporate credit cards
  • Experience advanced security protection against theft and fraud beyond standard credit card offerings
  • Manage more account details online than just tracking balances and payments
  • Build a relationship with your personalized customer service fuel advocate instead of communicating with the luck-of-the-draw customer service rep

The CFN fleet card system puts you in the driver’s seat with total control of fleet fueling expenses:

Get rolling with nationwide access to over 57,000 retail sites and over 2,500 CFN locations with 24/7 access.

Visit the CFN site locator to pinpoint a location, or download the convenient CFN app for quick iPhone or android searching, on the go.

Get rolling with the cardlock network that sets the standard for efficiency with locations designed for commercial drivers only.

High-speed pumps and bays fitting for large trucks welcome your drivers and enable them to experience speedy in-and-out refueling. See an end to the time-wasting distraction of convenience stores and truck stops.

Get rolling with detailed transaction and data control management.

Customize information to suit your business needs. Use our online portal to adjust the type of fuel, time of day, day of the week, and number of gallons allowed for each driver to purchase. Receive historical reports to monitor expenses. And access to your account anytime of the day or night, 24/7.

Get rolling with real-time fraud prevention solutions that ensure that only your authorized drivers purchase the products of your choice.

Receive up-to-the-minute notifications via eReceipts to track where your drivers fuel up, verify fuel purchased, update driver ID numbers, activate or deactivate cards, verify odometer readings, and oversee fuel and mileage of each vehicle. Your pre-set limits and notifications of real-time card swiping gives you the ultimate power to monitor unusual activity, including card skimming and unauthorized purchases.

Get rolling with your CFN professional advocate, riding shotgun with you for cost-control success.

No other cardlock program provides the CFN level of personalized service. Develop a one-on-one relationship with your customer service contact—Get questions answered, receive technical support, and obtain guidance to suit your financial goals. Your fuel advocate is on-call, providing assistance whenever needed.

Find out more about our fleet fueling solutions and then reach out to our fleet fueling specialist, Tom Martinez, at 559-485-8210 to get behind the wheel and control your 2020 expenses.