We’ve been busy here at RV Jensen staying ahead of the newest CARB diesel emissions testing requirements to provide you with timely solutions. So…. drumroll please…. we’re presenting our newest services that we’ve rolled out in 2023!

Introducing Our Dedicated Fuel Transportation Services

No matter which provider, supplier, or distributor services your fleet, count on RVJ to deliver your fuel and lubrication products with on-time delivery using environmentally-friendly transportation practices.

Choose your product or brand

Everything from fuel and biodiesel, to coolants and antifreeze, to food-grade oils, to even the most state-of-the-art alternative fuels can be transported to you anywhere in California and beyond.

Customize for your locale and your industry

Rely on our dependable delivery of liquid materials to remote and rural areas for agribusiness and metro locations for building construction and food production.

You’re in the driver’s seat with delivery management

Experience the kind of 24/7 customer service that put RV Jensen on the map. We meet your exact delivery schedule needs, provide emergency fuel delivery, track delivery vehicles in real time, and are here for any and all technical support.

Learn more on our new Transport Services Web Page.

Introducing Our Renewable Diesel Fuel

Not to be confused with biodiesel! This re-engineered, low-carbon next-generation fuel paves the way for clean energy. Renewable diesel is derived from renewable organic matter, but unlike biodiesel, it can be used without modification in any blend of fuel and in any diesel engine.

Experience optimal combustion

Efficient burning leads to fewer DPF regeneration cycles, quicker starts, better throttle response, improved cold-weather performance, quieter running, and more power per cycle. Better burning fuel drives you over the finish line to superior performance, especially when idling and sitting in stop-and-go traffic.

Handle and store easily

Store renewable fuel as long as you like without concern of deterioration or microbial contamination. RV Jensen has the goods on storage and usage solutions for renewable diesel, along with all lubes and fuels.

Mix and match with your existing diesel fuels and engines

This chemical equivalent to petroleum diesel can be used in a petroleum blend or on its own. Like all our fuel and lube products, we deliver and transport with environmental consciousness in mind.

The fuel of the future is here! Learn more about renewable diesel on our new Renewable Diesel Fuel Web Page, check out our flyer, and watch our video.

Introducing Our Update on the CARB’s Clean Truck Check Requirements

CARB’s Clean Truck Check, formerly known as the Heavy Duty Inspection Maintenance Program (HD I/M), is phasing in reporting requirements beginning October 1st:

  • Get ready to supply info to the Clean Truck Check database—Fleet owners and owner-operators are charged a $30 fee per each vehicle registered to receive your 2023 compliance certificate to operate legally in California. Register again in January to receive your 2024 certificate.
  • Get ready for periodic vehicle diesel emissions testing beginning in 2024—Each vehicle must pass emissions tests within 90 days of when DMV vehicle registration is renewed. By 2025, your vehicles will need to pass testing twice a year.
  • Get CARB compliant now—Don’t wait until filing and testing is due, and your vehicles fail emissions testing. Get ahead of the game. Advanced Emissions Control Solutions (AECS), right here in the Central Valley, is approved by CARB to perform the required emissions tests to repair, maintain, and supply replacement parts for your truck’s diesel emissions systems. They specialize in advanced DPF cleaning and can meet your trucks wherever they are parked to do the job.

Visit the AECS Clean Truck Check article and read the CARB Clean Truck Check Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here at RV Jensen, we cover it all—reliable fuel transportation, low-emission, and efficient renewable diesel fuel, and the info to keep you miles ahead of CARB’s new Clean Truck Check emissions standards. Have questions? Need fuel transportation? Want to take renewable diesel for a spin? Give us a call, toll-free, at 1-800-366-8210, or drop us a line. We look forward to talking with you!