We know that reading through updates on the CARB website can be confusing, so our in-house Emission Consultants from Advanced Emission curated the following quick look at California Air Resources Board news.

The first news item is that CARB incentivized the purchase of ZEV heavy-duty buses and trucks with The Clean Truck and Bus Vouchers (HVIP). The Medium and Heavy-Duty Fleet ZEV Purchasing Support legislation (SB372) makes buying a new ZEV possible. This Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Incentive Voucher Program is a funding program that offers valuable point-of-sale discounts at the time of purchase. More financial support, including the Innovative Small e-Fleet Pilot Program (ISEF), and the Voucher Incentive Program (VIP) are listed on the CARB website. CARB’s Zero-Emission Truck Loan Pilot Project is also available.

But why buy a new vehicle when you can get your fleet up to zero-emission compliance? Here’s more news from CARB. Follow our guidance specifically tailored to fleet owners:

2024 Periodic Testing Requirements of the Clean Truck Check

We’ve already entered the three-month zero-emissions reporting season, which extends to December 31st of this year. Then beginning in 2025, fleet owners must submit proof of compliance of each truck semiannually. Read the variations of the 2024 Testing Requirements for Ag Vehicles. Having an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system makes testing a breeze—pre-2013 non-OBD equipped vehicles will need to submit to opacity test submission and visual/functional inspections to pass inspection.

Testing must be performed by a credentialed tester with an approved OBD device. For non-OBD equipped vehicles, the test must pass the SAE J-1667 opacity test on approved smoke meter equipment.

Clean Truck Check Reporting

Reporting to the Database must be completed by December 31st of this year at

The compliance fee of $30 for each vehicle in your fleet must be paid this year, and each subsequent year, by December 31st. Read more details on the CARB website, and watch their video about How to Report for the Clean Truck Check.

Warning: Any vehicle that is out of compliance with the Clean Truck Check cannot be registered with the DMV.

You’ll receive a warning if you are not compliant, but you can head any issues off at the pass by watching CARB’s Regulatory Training Webinar on the Clean Truck Check.

A 90-Day Temporary Operating Permit (TOP), issued by the DMV is a final opportunity to reach compliance of the Truck & Bus Regulation. Some vehicles are excluded from proving compliancy. Find out if your vehicles qualify for exclusion and complete registration through the Excluded Diesel Vehicle Reporting System (EDVR).

Get In-The-Know

Review CARB’s fact sheets, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), and view videos, all from the CARB website. Register for CARB’s last training webinar this year, on December 18th on Zoom.

Even our summary is a lot to digest. You can take a detour and bypass reading and researching the online CARB regulation info by talking directly with our Emissions Consultants at Advanced Emission. Just call (559) 472-7301 to get your questions answered. When you call, schedule your test with Advanced Emission, a CARB-approved Clean Truck Check testing facility.