While multiple US states offer incentives for electrifying your heavy duty truck fleet, California leads the way. Our state’s Hybrid and Zero Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) provides up to $120,000 worth of incentives. But is changing out your heavy-duty fleet to all electric the most cost-effective and fuel efficient choice for you? You have another choice: renewable diesel.

What is renewable diesel?

This CARB-approved, low greenhouse gas emitting fuel also has the nod from vehicle manufacturers. Here are the impressive facts about renewable diesel:

  • Compared with traditional diesel fuel, renewable diesel (made from veggie oil and agri-waste) creates as much as an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG)
  • Blend it with any diesel engine fuel or use it 100%. Since renewable diesel is the chemical equivalent to standard diesel fuel, it’s safe to drop into other fuels and transported without a care in the world.
  • No engine modifications needed! Renewable diesel is automatically compatible with your existing heavy-duty diesel engines.
  • This clean-burning synthetic fuel creates more power per cycle. Performance is better, maintenance costs are lower.

The benefits of switching to renewable diesel from petroleum to renewable diesel are immediately apparent.

Is now the time to make the move to electrifying your fleet?

EV trucks run on batteries and are powered by electric motors, negating the need for diesel fuels. With zero GHG emissions and quiet operation, electric heavy-duty trucks have the potential to be a cost-effective environmentally clean option for fleet owners and owner operators. What are the limitations to take under consideration?

  • EV trucks have a limited driving range, compared to traditional diesel-powered heavy-duty trucks on long-haul routes.
  • EV charging stations are scarce, and the time needed to recharge outweighs the time needed to fuel up.
  • EV semi-trucks may be difficult to find and purchase due to lack of model availability, as they are still new on the market.
  • Heavy-duty EV trucks come at a higher price tag than traditional diesel trucks.
  • Heavy EVs pose risks to pedestrians who don’t hear them approaching, and according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), they pose a risk in colliding with lighter vehicles. (Source: NPR).

The research is in—For now, advanced diesel technology using renewable fuel has considerable advantages compared to electrifying your fleet.

In the research analysis, utilizing diesel vehicles fueled entirely by renewable diesel yielded a remarkable threefold increase in cumulative greenhouse gas reductions by 2032 compared to electric vehicle scenarios.

When considering the total cost of converting a medium- and heavy-duty fleet to electric vehicles, the price tag surpasses three times the cost of transitioning to new technology diesel vehicles.

Several more affordable and readily accessible emission reduction strategies are available for these crucial workhorse vehicles, enabling quicker and more significant reductions in emissions.

(Source: Stillwater Associates, LLC for Engine Technology Forum)

The solution is renewable diesel, and it’s available now.

This amazing fuel is available today from RV Jensen, and it’s clean burning, easy to store, and easy to handle. Learn more and watch our video. Then contact us at 800-366-8210 to get on board with lower emissions without investing in overhauling your fleet.  Contact us at (800) 366-8210 to get on board with lower emissions without committing to an investment in overhauling your fleet.