Renewable diesel fuel is the fuel of the future. It’s the ultra-low carbon footprint fuel specially designed for use by heavy-duty vehicles. Renewable diesel is produced by hydro treatment of the same fat oil feedstocks as biodiesel, and it is chemically indistinguishable from petroleum diesel. Renewable fuel has been certified by the American Society of Testing and Materials D975 commercial fuel quality standard. Clocking in at as much as 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gasses, no wonder CARB is looking to expand its regular usage to off-road diesel-powered equipment.

Check out these benefits of using renewable diesel in your off-road vehicle gas tanks: No extra costs to modifying your equipment. No odor. No storage headaches—It won’t freeze. Renewable diesel is the low CO2 emission solution.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is taking its nod to the efficiency and ease of use of renewable diesel one step further.

CARB is considering the following Off-Road Diesel (ORD) Amendments!

  • CARB is looking to improve emissions reductions throughout California, especially for the San Joaquin Valley and the South Coast
  • CARB is seeking to shift the use of currently available renewable diesel from on-road to off-road use for even further emissions reductions
  • CARB recognizes the easy availability of renewable diesel across most of the State

With production increasing, plus extra incentives for fuel providers and manufacturers, renewable diesel prices are competitive at the pump. The reality: A shift in using renewable diesel for off-road vehicles can make a significant dent in cleaner air while saving you money when fueling up.

What is the California Air Resources Board (CARB) proposing?

All off-road diesel fleets are to incorporate renewable diesel in all equipment by January 1, 2024, with the following exemptions:

  1. Vehicles and equipment operating in attainment regions determined by Section 2449c(6)
  2. Fleets where 100% of the equipment are Tier 4 engines (engines that power heavy machinery, equipment for generators and utility use, use for load management, powering a primary power source, or being used for main mobile power)

Confused? Sorting through the present CARB regulations to understand how to be compliant with the proposed regulations can bring you to a complete standstill. RV Jensen’s affiliate CARB experts from Advanced Emission Control Solutions are in the know when it comes to off-road vehicle compliance.

Keep ahead of the curve when it comes to the newest CARB rules on the horizon. Check back to our blog to stay tuned to future updates, and contact us directly to receive customized guidance on how these new changes may impact your business. We’re here to take the guesswork out of fuel usage and compliance. Give us a call, toll-free, at 800-366-8210.