Need extra background on the best lubricants to select to enhance the performance of today’s cars? Tune into this Tech Talk video, featuring Luis Cerqueira, Automotive Technical Product Manager, and Darren Lesinski, Technical Director for TOTAL Lubricants, USA.

Get the answers to:
• What is the make-up of automotive or passenger car lubricants?
• Why are performance additives important to the composition of the finished lubricant?
• How is viscosity indicated on the label of TOTAL lubricants and what do those figures mean?
• Why is there a downward trend in viscosities of oil viscosity?
• Why is there more demand on engine oils as engines become smaller?

Of course, always consult the vehicle owner’s manual to examine the specifications on viscosities needed for engines, and then consult with us here at RV Jensen. We’re here to guide you on the best package of lubricants to carry in your shop or retail outlet, and which lubricants to recommend for servicing particular passenger cars. TOTAL carries a full line of lubricants tested to extend the lifetime of engines: from their classic and Quartz synthetic engine oils to their Rubia Fuel Economy (FE) heavy-duty lubricants.  

Here at RV Jensen, we are driven to satisfy with over 50 years of experience in fuel, lubricant, and emissions solutions. Contact us today at (800) 366-8210 to get on board with the perfect selection of lubricants to meet your customer’s needs.