Sometimes you just need enough fuel to get the job done and driving off your work site to fill up your fleet’s tanks makes no economic sense. Enter our Bobtail Fuel Service! Gas up each vehicle with only the fuel you need and on your schedule. Imagine fueling up on-site and putting an end to workday interruptions to haul off and search for the nearest fuel at ridiculous retail prices. Our competitive wholesale prices save you a bundle because we stay on top of frequent gas price fluctuations.

Rely on RV Jensen’s wholesale fuel distribution to save time and money for your agricultural operations, construction site work, and even your contracted government projects. Our bobtail trucks are designed to deliver accurately-measured fuel, carrying as much as 5,000 gallons on hand and capable of pumping fuel directly from our tank to your gas tanks. You’ll never run out of fuel on a Keep Full Basis (KFB), because we examine your usage history and current market pricing to determine the best times to schedule delivery.

At RV Jensen, we go the extra mile to ensure that you receive the best fuels available at the best prices available. Your in-house personal consultant and pricing analyst are constantly looking for opportunities to save you money, ensuring you remain well-informed, and your account is well-managed. You’ll receive the superior customer service that has kept RV Jensen in the fuel distribution business for over 50 years.

We also offer a wide variety of fuel types for our bobtail fuel service along with our on-time delivery of your favorite fuels. Whether you are looking for 87, 89, or 91 octane gas, red dyed diesel, clear carb #2 Diesel, or even renewable diesel, enjoy your choice of an amazing variety of wholesale fuels. Our branded bulk fuel services enable you to offer the brands your drivers have come to know.

So why take the expensive route to fueling your equipment on the job? Contact our wholesale fuel distribution team at our toll-free number: 800-366-8210.